Sunday Walk Through Lincoln Park and Lakeview ... Oh, and the PRIDE Parade!

When you live in Chicago, you understand how CRUCIAL it is to do as many hot weather events & activities as possible, before the dreaded Winter. Once the cold weather hits, you have to forget about being outside for longer than you really have to ... it gets brutal. So, you will see Chicagoans turn out for every blasted event in the City during the Summer. This weekend's premier event is the Pride Parade, that kinda caps off Pride month. The streets had been decorated with Pride rainbow flags for a couple weeks in anticipation ... it seems like everyone in this area gets really geared up for the parade.

I made plans to meet my niece, who volunteers around Lincoln Park on the weekends and we settled on having lunch and seeing some of the parade. Apparently, it was predicted that ONE MILLION people would go to the parade - I can attest that I saw a sea of people without an end in sight. Anyway, here are some photos from my day. Enjoy.