Shaky Train Sketches

One can observe every kind of human being riding the train in Chicago and I LOVE that! My work commute provides me rich fodder for creativity. At this point, I can kinda guess who will get off at a given train stop - for instance, young workers in their 20's & 30's, with their iWatches, North Face backpacks and bobbing heads while listening to their music, mostly step off at the Merchandise Mart. The Mart is now a hub of tech companies and advertising start-ups, so "the kids" all disembark there. The older crowd in their late 30's, 40's and 50's with their smaller leather messenger-style bags, arty decorative jewelry and neat business suits get off at Quincy, in the Financial District ... makes sense. Students get off at either the Fullerton stop (De Paul University) or the Harold Washington Library station, which sits close to so many downtown schools. I was discovered only once by a young lady, who seemed to be posing and primping for me - although, I was drawing the woman who was sitting next to her ... most people are so engrossed on their phones or just nodding off with their eyes closed.

Anyway, whenever I can nab a seat and can place my bag on my lap, I will get in a sketch or three, depending on the crowd. I'll draw whoever is in front of me - every person is a challenge, in a way. I intentionally chose a small 4x6 inch Chachet hardcover sketchbook, so I could record in a small, confined space of a CTA seat. I try my best in trying to capture each person with an economy of lines, (a la Rembrandt, but who am I kidding?!) however, the fast turning train on the Chicago transit system, does make it a bit difficult to keep a steady hand. In a way, the drawings have a 'charm' about them, because of the fast and unstable approach. It's interesting how each figure in my sketchbook, starts to have less & less clothing on, since it's in chronological order, from Winter to Summer; also, I add color later ... mostly watercolor and colored pencil. Hope you enjoy this small selection of drawings that I've been doing since the beginning of 2018.